Company Profile


Corporate Name ICU Service, Co., Ltd.
Founded July 1st, 2010
Capital ¥9,000,000
Owner International Christian University (ICU)
President Ikuko ISHIBASHI
Vice President, Operations Ryoko KLEER
Location C/O International Christian University, Admin. Bldg. 2/F
3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka-City, Tokyo, Japan 181-0015
TEL +81(0)422.33.3530
FAX +81(0)422.33.3765
Lines of Business

・Vending Machine Management

・Wedding Support and Management

・Off-Campus Housing Support

・Driving License / Training Facilities Support

・Professional Photography etc. at Commencement

・Insurance Services

・Management of ICU’s Lifelong education programs, such as ICU Junior Campus Camp / ICU Kid’s College

・Facility Rental