Wedding at the ICU Chapel 

To be eligible to have a Wedding at International Christian University (ICU) Chapel, one member of the couple must qualify with a ICU affiliation, listed below.


  • A student in a ICU degree program; an alumnus/alumna
  • A current faculty or staff member of ICU, and his/her child.
  • A present member of the ICU Chapel.


To ask more details about the wedding at ICU Chapel, kindly contact our Religious Center. (TEL: inside Japan: 0422-33-3323 outside Japan: +81(0)422.33.3323



Wedding Service may be offered on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays when there is no university events or ICU chapel related events are scheduled. These dates are determined by ICU Religious Center / ICU Chapel.

Weddings will be held according to the following schedule:

  • Saturdays and Holidays:
  • Service from 11:00 AM
  • Service from 3:00 PM
  • Sundays:
  • Service from 3:00 PM



Wedding reservation may be taken only after at 9:00 a.m. on the first working day of the month, 11 months prior to the month of the wedding (The chapel is not available for weddings during summertime (July and August), December, and early January.) 

If one would like to make a wedding reservation on January 2023 ⇒ Accept inquiry from February 1st 9:00 a.m.

<Reservation is only accepted via phone call>

 ICU Service
 TEL:  0422-33-3530 (outside Japan: +81(0)422.33.3530 )

Please note that at this point, the wedding reservation at ICU chapel is NOT CONFIRMED YET.
ICU Service will advise a couple to contact the officiating minister, ideally within a month, to make an appointment for your initial meeting. During the meeting, a couple will be asked to fill out the wedding application form, which to confirm your reservation, approved by the officiating minister.


Flow of events after reservation for the wedding until the wedding day

11 months before wedding  Tentative Reservation for wedding
Meeting with Pastor
(Wedding reservation is formalized when Pastor signs the application.)
The First Meeting with ICU Service
2~3 months before wedding Application Procedures
Second Meeting with Pastor
1 month before wedding Final Meeting with ICU Service



If one wishes to register him or herself in waiting list, please contact ICU Service via phone call.

Wait list will be renewed on the first working day of the month
, except for summertime and December. Once registered, and if you continue to include your name on the list for next month, please contact us again. If there is no phone call, we take you are no longer interested, and take your name our of the list.


Wedding Reception at the facilities on ICU campus

ICU is not a dedicated wedding service facility. The facilities on campus are primarily for research and education. Naturally, there are various rules/restrictions and also some limitation for the use for the events relating to the wedding.  For most of those who wish to get married on campus, however, those facilities embrace full of memories while they spent young days on campus. Therefore we will try to make your wishes come true by studying your needs carefully, and take various measures to negotiate with the concerned department at the college.

(NOTES) Please note that reservations for on- or off- campus reception venues should made separately from those of ICU Chapel.  Should there be any other event planning to schedule on the same date, ICU Service cannot support making reservations.  Kindly understand, and if you are interested in having on-campus wedding reception etc, please ask ICU Service upon your first ICU Service meeting or when you book your first Pastor Meeting.

Dialogue House (DH)   * Sundays, Holidays only (after October 2022) 

DH is a modern, spacious, and bright glass covered building surrounded by the beautiful woods, and other college buildings. 

【Seating Capacity】 Maximum 82 people

【Food & Drinks】



Alumni House (AH)

AH provides rich private mansion or country club-like atmosphere, best suited for the couples who wish to have wedding reception in a relaxed atmosphere.

【Seating Capacity】Maximum 46

【Food & Drinks】

Cost for the Wedding at ICU


Initial Cost \177,650
Gratuity & Offerings to Church, Pastor & Organist \105,000  ~

DH Facility fee

AH Facility fee

Dressing room only  \25,080

* The prices include tax.


Support Service for Wedding Reception only

For those who have done wedding ceremony elsewhere, but would like to hold a wedding reception on ICU campus, we offer support service for the need. Wedding reception can be facilitated only if the facility is not reserved for the college activities or for the other weddings at ICU Chapel.

Please contact ICU Service to inquire about the service

TEL: 0422-33-3530 (outside Japan: +81(0)422.33.3530 )
E-mail: info★ <Please replace ★with @>)