ICU Kid’s College

Program Outline

“Let’s plant the seeds of possibilities!”

ICU Kid’s College (IKC) offers college level contents, arranged specifically for the children (4th through 9th graders) delivered by ICU faculty members. The purpose of IKC is to stimulate underlying intellectual curiosity of children, to encourage to have question, to research, to analyze, to judge by themselves so that each of them can acquire critical thinking at early stage of life.

※All lectures are taught in Japanese. (not English)

When it is held Twice or three times a month during school period.
Intensive 2-3 days program will be offered during the seasonal vacation period.
Where it is held ICU Campus Facilities
Contents Active learning type program participated by children and his/her parents.
Age Group 4th through 9th grade

Characteristics of IKC

  • Unique lectures reflecting Liberal Arts Education at ICU
  • Parents are encouraged to participate.
  • After the lectures, variety of after-school program offered by the student club activities
  • Children can experience College atmosphere surrounded by rich Musashino nature and woods.

Greetings by Founder of the IKC

Hideki OKAMURA, Professor, ICU (Physics)

ICU Kid’s College is a unique and new educational program, no other universities in Japan has ever offered.

We, at ICU, has started this program in order to provide the children unique learning opportunities and experiences which helps them to develop to become leaders of our society in the future.

What is the meaning and purpose of teaching elementary school children at college?

Do the children learn the same thing as they learn at their school or cram school (Juku)?

No, those things may be important, but we offer something different.
We offer to teach academic contents which lie beyond what the children learn at their school. In fact, we try to teach children exactly the same academic contents which we normally teach college students. But only in modified or arranged way so that children can understand.

Is it then something like preparation to study at college?

No, it isn’t.

At IKC, we try to teach the children the way to look at things, or the way to approach things, etc., rather than just knowledge or information. Something different from test preparation drills. We hope children to acquire far longer and wider perspectives.

ICU is Liberal Arts College emphasizing education heavily.  Each IKC teaching staff tries hard to devise the way to give children better training to think themselves deep and hard, or look things with far wider perspectives, etc. Actually that is what we do every day at the classroom at ICU. We adopt same goal to children as we do to college students.

In my view, Japanese education system has failed to teach children how to think, how to approach things, etc. We live in the world where our future is extremely unclear.  So it is extremely important that each of us think, research, analyze and judge by oneself, rather than following the opinion of others, or making decision based on “common sense”.  At ICU, we emphasize “Critical Thinking” skill. To acquire critical thinking skill is the purpose of liberal arts education.

But college students are already grown up. I feel many of them seem having lost intellectual flexibility. Among the faculty at ICU we talk, “It’s too late to start at college to acquire critical thinking.”  If we start from elementary school age, we are quite certain better result can be achieved.

Some of the parents may wonder if the contents would be too difficult for the children to understand. I admit some subjects may be too difficult for the children to understand, although we try our best to make them understandable. But don’t worry about it. Because what they saw and heard will surely remain in their heart, they will understand them some day.

We aim at several other things at IKC.
First is to sow many seeds to the children. At IKC so many variety of subjects are taught. Not only lectures, but also after school activities have so much variety that children can experience which they can hardly experience elsewhere. I believe such experience will make their lives rich.
Second is the children can meet with college professors. We all have devoted ourselves in the special fields in depth. So we have acquired knowledge and experience so wide and deep. We all know what will lie ahead beyond the study. And also we know why children must study. Children may meet the professor whom they would like to be. Such encounter will certainly inspire children greatly.
The third one is that the children can envision themselves what it is like as going to college by putting themselves in the situation where they take lectures at college classroom by college professor. I believe this will give some incentive to study at school now.

I personally hope that among the children attending IKC will be the leader of Japan some day.

Review of the past program/Application

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