Insurance Services (For International Students)

ICU service Co., Ltd is an insurance agency of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. Our Insurance Services are for only people who stay at International Christian University (ICU.) 

Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with “Gakkensai” For International Students

For ICU Students, we offer a personal accident insurance plan called Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with “Gakkensai” For International Student (Inbound Futai Gakuso), insured by Tokio Marine Nichido Fire Insurance Company, Co., Ltd. For more details such as application method, please check the brochure.

Inbound Futai Gakuso 


Inbound Futai Gakuso offer broad support for your student life.


  • Personal Compensation Responsibility (When the student riding a bicycle and bumping into passers-by, injures them.)   ※From April 1, 2020, bicycle insurance is mandatory in Tokyo, where the university campus is located. 
  • Death・Physical Impediment (When faced with unlikely emergencies, or residual disabilities are involved.)
  • Medical Treatment Expenses (When the student in question is hospitalized or visits the hospital as a result of injury or illness.)
  • Rescuer Expenses, etc. (When a guardian comes rushing to the hospital following student hospitalization.)


Enrollment Method


  1. Choose the desired coverage from the brochure(see above).
  2. Confirm the insurance premium, and enter the required items in the enclosed “Payment Handling Slip.”
  3. Please transfer insurance premium payments from Japan Post Bank.
  4. An enrollment certificate shall be sent out approximately 2 months after completing the enrollment procedure.


Claim Handling Procedure Following Incidents


  1. Download the “Incident Report Form” and fill in the details of the incident. 
    <URL for Incident Report Form> http://www.jees or jo/gakkensai/inbound.htm 
  2. Please attach the completed “Incident Report Form” to an e-mail and send it to the following address. 
    <Dedicated Incident Report Address> insclaim.futaigakuso★  *Please replace ★ with @.*Only available in English
  3. After receiving the incident report and determining the person in charge, claimants and send them the necessary documents.






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