ICU Junior Campus Camp

Program Outline

“ICU Junior Campus Camp (IJCC)” started in 2012 as a summer camp designed for children (4th through 9th grade) staged on ICU Mitaka campus, very spacious and with full of groomed natural life. In the extremely resourceful Musashino woods, and in the academic and international atmosphere, children spends several days with Camp Directors, Camp Leaders (ICU students), playing and doing various activities together.

The purpose of the camp is that children can experience through the activities the way of thinking how to approach, how to look at things, which is based on Liberal Arts education.

<Camp Motto> “God is first, you are second, I’m the last.” (Tatsuro Misumi, The legendary first department chief, Health and Physical Education Dept., ICU)

※All programs of this camp are held in Japanese. (All staffs can communicate in English.)

When it is held One day camp in Spring and Autumn
4 nights /5  days full camp in Summer
Where it is held International Christian University (ICU) Campus in Mitaka, Tokyo
How it is like Residential camp inspired by American style summer camp for children, which helps children to learn through group living and playing together
Age Group 4th Grade through 9th Grade

Greetings from Camp Director

Shin TAKAHASHI, Sr. Lecturer, Health and Physical Education Dept., ICU
Chief Camp Director, IJCC

International Christian University (ICU) was established after the WW2 to develop and foster “young men and women to serve God and people” as a college to seek long lasting peace. In order to achieve its goal, ICU has held basic principles of Liberal Arts, and produced many brilliant young people having wide perspective and knowledge through its creative training and education. And part of its education, student camp has been tradition since establishment of ICU.

With such background, ICU decided to offer Junior Campus Camp (IJCC) to children of 4th through 9th grade. Children can experience various activities centered around playing on the beautiful ICU campus with full of woods and natural settings.

We emphasize way of thinking, process to solve problems, and how to develop relationship with people, rather than just knowledge, as we believe those things shall be more important, when children grow up and enter the global world…

Each camper have different characters, and different background such as family, nationality, living environment, etc. When the camper encounter with different culture, it is extremely important that he/she listen to the others, recognize the difference, and respect the other culture., which shall lead us to permanent peace of the world. Also we hope that children can experience campus life, which helps children to wish to return to ICU as students some day.

I do hope each participating camper to fully enjoy several days on campus, and IJCC shall be the place where the campers can learn important things in life and develop and grow with such experience.

Review of the past program/Application

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